About Me

My name is Michael Lewellen and I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2012 when I started out mining Bitcoin on spare computers. As I learned more about cryptocurrency, I began trading it and helped organize local Bitcoin meetups in Dallas. I started helping others at the meetups with the technical details of how to get involved with cryptocurrency which quickly turned into a full-time job. In 2014, I started CryptoCurrency Consulting, LLC and have been offering my services as consultant ever since. 

I've done wallet setups, built mining rigs, given seminars and performed countless other functions for clients; I have 4 years of experience working in the cryptocurrency space. My latest projects of interest have been working with Ethereum smart contracts to better provide my clients advice on how to use decentralized applications for their businesses. I'm also involved as VP of the Blockchain club at UT Dallas to help educate students on the opportunities available in this growing industry.